Digital Forensics

Years of experience in the field coupled with our expert allies, like One Source Discovery, allow us to meet any litigation discovery need that may arise, and do it efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s eDiscovery, preservation and collection or digital forensics, Lit & More is your partner in legal consulting.

  • Digital Forensics

    • Onsite forensic collection
    • Remote collection capabilities
    • Forensic Examination and Analysis completed by Certified Computer Examiners (CCE)
    • Mobile device, GPS and cloud

  • Trial Support and Testimony

    Our experts are accustomed to testifying because they have handled hundreds of eDiscovery and Digital Forensics matters and testified in both State and Federal Courts.

  • Mobile Device Forensics

    • iPhone, Android, Blackberry
    • Location Tracking with GPS and Cell Tower Identification
    • Proprietary technologies utilized by government and law enforcement agencies

  • Expert Consultation & Testimony by Certified Computer Examiners

  • Data Preservation and Collection

  • 24/7 Forensic Collection, including remote collection

  • Electronic Discovery

  • E-Discovery Process Consulting

  • Legal Document Services

  • Local, Professional Service

  • Internet History Analysis

  • Deleted File Recovery

  • Password Defeat/Recovery

  • Back up tape restoration

  • Metadata analysis

  • Search optimization and culling strategies

  • Incident Response and Analysis