Document Review

Contact Lit & More at the beginning of your case.

We offer a complimentary discussion that may help identify some significant tools and tips. We begin with the end in mind. No obligation – we would love to share our knowledge and help you win your case!

  • Review large amounts of data quickly
  • Quick look at spreadsheets with access to native files for more clarity
  • Emails make sense when you review them
  • Significantly less expensive than other options
  • Quick to start – easy to use

Lit & More makes document review easy.

When you have a new case or additional documents to add to an existing case, your Lit & More account manager will pick up your media or instruct you to upload the information to our secure server.

Our technology team will pre-process the data and return with any questions – usually within a few hours.

Once we have discussed any anomalies, Lit & More will load the data into your secure review site. Tag – Redact – Review easily and from anywhere.

Once you are ready to produce – identify your population, indicate your preferred production format and let us do the work.

Not ready to produce, but you need subpopulations for an expert – or paper copies to review off line… We’ve got you covered period.