Legal services

Our extensive document handling experience allows us to confidently guarantee the quality of the copies and images we produce. Any problems with your project will be handled by your Account Manager–even if it means coming to your location–to reproduce the project to your satisfaction, guaranteed. Plus, we will pick up and deliver your document production anywhere in the State of Florida. We ensure your document production will arrive at our facility or its final destination quickly and securely.

Full Service Legal Imaging

We scan and convert paper documents to digital images that can then be stored on CD, network drives or other media. By linking these images to a database that is readily accessible, your attorneys can be even more formidable opponents.

On-site service

We understand that the sensitivity of certain documents means they cannot leave your site so we bring our legal services to you. This brings you the top-notch services of our staff all from the convenience and security of your facility.

Rush Service

Our Rush Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will handle your time sensitive projects without any extra fees. This allows you to maximize your productivity during the day by allowing us to handle tasks for you after hours.

Optical Character Recognition

This conversion process takes text from an image, extracts it and converts it to searchable ASCII text. The OCR text can then be searched by key words or phrases. It is also an effective supplement to an objective coded database or as an alternative to key word or names mentioned coding.


If you have electronic documents in TIFF, PDF, Text or other formats, Lit & More will convert them to paper for you. Images can also be chronologically sorted and printed with new numbering sequences and additional information in the footer, such as Confidential or Privilege statements.

Full Service Copying

Our services include copying documents size for size, duplexed as originals or oversized documents copied and folded as originals. We can staple and clip copies as originals, copy folder tabs, re welds, and overs as the first page of a document; copying index tabs. Documents can be rubber-banded or clipped by folder, redweld, book, and as original. Photos can be copied color for color.

Audio and Video

We can duplicate and create media for any of your technical needs and can convert audio or video to digital formats. Whatever the source material (VHS/CD/DVD/Micro Cassette Duplication), it can be converted to CD or DVD.

Oversize Trial

Make a BIG impression in court by having us enlarge your key documents (in color or black & white) and mounting them to heavy grade foam core. Our capabilities allow us to produce enlargements from postage stamp size to 36″ x 59″, and beyond if necessary.

Large Format Document Reproduction

We can duplicate engineering plans, blueprints, or any real estate documents to meet your needs.